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Brief Introduction of Producing Line for Chinese Medicine

Introduction for Equipments
Extraction Equipments:
    Adopt heat water soak and dynamic extraction technique. Extraction tank equip with steam jacket and special agitator. Material drug should be pre-treated in 95¡æ¡À5¡æ. In this way, the efficiency is much higher than static extraction technique, and decreased the material, extraction period and power consumption.
Separation Equipments for solid and liquid£º
    Three steps of separation process are adopted. These equipments include overflow type bottom-discharging centrifugal machine, vibration riddler and high-speed centrifugal machine for separating the dregs and suspension from drug liquid. The dregs are drier by using these equipments, so the loss of drug liquid is lesser than the traditional, and the liquid's clarity are better. All particles bigger then 3¦Ìm could be removed to create better condition for following process of spray-dry than traditional method. In this way, the problem of coke, pipe-adhering and block could be avoided.
Concentration Equipments£º
    Liquid's character, treatment capability, temperature, concentrate rate, simple structure, convenient cleaning etc should be considered for selection of this equipment. Single-effect vertical pipe type, outer-heating long pipe and low pressure compulsive cycle evaporator could be arranged reasonably to improve the auto-cycle speed and decrease the concentration period.
Spray Dryer£º
    New model high-efficiency high-speed centrifugal machine is adopted. Simple operation and auto-control make the power consumption much lesser than pneumatic drier did. More average drug particle and better solvent created best condition for decreasing adjuvant and drug dosage.

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